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    IGNITE FIRE PIT COLLECTION, is an exclusive collection of AIRELIMESTONES, created in partnership with iconO2.
    The collection is designed with the aim of enriching outdoor environments, making them unique by the beauty they acquire in the presence of a "Fire Pit" from this collection:
    ZEN, AURA, LIBRA, LINEA, BLISS, LOTUS and ELEMENT. It demonstrates the technological and innovation capacity in projects that energize and enhance Portuguese natural stone.

    Elegant and subtle pieces, designed to stand out outdoors, in the garden or in living rooms, in perfect harmony with the landscape. The collection's design does not limit its scope to an exact style or standard interpretation; it also allows interior designers, architects and enthusiasts to bring all kinds of projects to life. All the pieces in the collection can be completely personalized according to each project.

    Note: all the pieces in this collection are available in other stones, custom cut and in different finishes.

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