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  • HUMAN COLLECTION, the new exclusive patented collection from AIRLIMESTONES.

    Bathroom pieces in natural stone of unique design, created in partnership with Atelier Patrícia Carvalho, demonstrating the technological and innovative capacity in projects that enhance and enhance the Portuguese Natural Stone.

    In times of need for interpersonal relationships, the irreverence and innovation of the environment resulted in a unique ideal of emotions and feelings. Combined with the vast technology in the transformation of Portuguese stone and the practice of interior design, the collection came to claim the traditional paradigm.

    A bold bet on a line of essential items: bathroom washbasins, based on the de-standardization of the convention.
    The stone's potential allowed us to play with its veins, tones and finishes, giving this collection an exclusive identity and the possibility of creating connections.

    HUMAN COLLECTION provides each piece with an identity and an interaction principle, like a simple kiss.

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