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    Thanks to the stone's versatility and its simplicity, it is possible to make all kinds of ornaments/ variation of products, in order to adapt the natural stone to the environment where it will be implemented.


    Fireplaces are an imposing decorative element in any building. Natural stone has unique properties by retaining heat and transforming the cozy environment. Having another purpose, it is crucial that your style suits the style of the division itself.


    All filling between the stone must be uniform and consistent in order to obtain a harmonious and natural result.


    Despite the functional element of protecting the walls of a building from water, cornices should not be chosen lightly, it is important to take into account the stone and shapes of the cornice to maintain the architectural balance.


    The columns, despite having the function of supporting heavy loads, are a robust and majestic architectural peace. With its historical weight, it makes any area elegant.

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